29 August 2019

getting it "right"

I worry about navigating through life the right way.  All.  The.  Time.  Am I alone here or can I get an "amen"?

- ??? -

Right according to WHO?

IS there a right or wrong way to get through one's junk?

Are you worried as often as I am about messing up?  Do you feel like you have to achieve someone else's standard in order to legitimize your own process?  Do you wonder why you feel like you have to justify - your trauma, your healing journey, your interaction with God, your moods...everything?

What if my process is unique to ME, and your process is unique to YOU, because that's how God orchestrated it?  Maybe not one other person on the planet would come to a place of healing by your road or my road.  It could be that someone else would never understand, never make an ounce of progress toward wholeness the way you or I have.  Maybe God works with another person in a way that is unique to their relationship and how he created that person.

So what if other people don't get it?  Do we really have to care if other people judge our processes as "not the right way"?  Rather, can we call it God's way for you (or me, or him, or her)?

Now look, I'm not saying this to gain license to go do whatever I want.  There is a verse in the Bible (Galatians 5:13) that speaks to self-indulgence and chasing after anything you want - that's not what this is about.

But, I'm beginning to wonder if I need stop looking around to gauge the temperature of the crowd, so to speak, and start giving Jesus a closer look.  This is what I see:  God made me.  I am a creative and an empath.  Maybe he is bringing me through this journey of life in the most effective way he can, unique to who I am, for maximum value, maximum impact.  For me.

So, who are you?  What are you like?  How did God make you?  What are your gifts and talents and characteristics and flaws and likes and dislikes.... And how is he carrying you along on your own growth journey?

Could we stop worrying about getting it right ourselves, and instead thank God that he gets it right, every time?