25 October 2015

hope on the long way

"So why are you writing all this sad stuff?  I thought you said this blog wasn't about trauma or childhood or mental health issues?!"

In order to help readers fully appreciate the wonder of God's miraculous grace, I think it's necessary to clearly show where I came from.  As I've mentioned before, it was a hard, ugly process.  I could see no light in the tunnel I was in.  I felt absolutely alone.  Even though I had professed faith in Jesus Christ from a very young age, this healing process was, by far, the most difficult thing I had ever experienced, and honestly, I couldn't see or feel God on a lot of days.  I knew that the Bible said I was not alone, and I scrabbled to hold onto some tiny grain of faith that it was true.

I can look back now and see in hindsight that I was never alone, not for a moment.  I feel compelled to write because I think there must be others with similar feelings of being locked away in darkness, unable to find a light source; or drowning in the black with no rescue in sight; others who feel desperately hopeless and completely alone.

To you, I declare:  there IS Light, and there IS rescue.  Hold on as tightly as you can, dear one, even if it feels like a bare, fingernail grip.  Don't give up; you are not abandoned in your journey.  There IS hope.

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